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About 8 years ago I purchase my first rare color French Bulldog, a brother & sister one blue/dilute the other chocolate carry blue pied. I then did a lot of research on the chocolate gene and found the chocolate gene had mutated from the other chocolate breeds and could not be DNA. This made it impossible to know if my dogs carried chocolate or not. I wanted to produce a color that had never been done, the lilac. I knew to make lilac it took both parents to be or carry blue/dilute & chocolate. I purchase my first chocolate pied brindle carry blue pied female (Chocita) from Hungary, at the time there was very few chocolate carry blue. I found a breeder in Canada Linda Bradshaw and purchase my stud pup who was also chocolate pied brindle carry blue (Yogi). Because there was no DNA for chocolate I knew there was no way to know if lilac was lilac without breeding chocolate to chocolate both carry blue/dilute making all pups chocolate and if any DNA dd that pup was for sure lilac. My next step was to wait for my chocolate girl to grow up and get her heat lol. She was 28 months before she finely go her heat and by then I had a second stud, his name Dragiee who was chocolate brindle pied & carried blue/dilute was purchase from Agnes in Hungary and a son of Zumba who produce Johnny & Wolfie & Dragiee's half brothers. I then bred both studs to Chocita and she had 5 pups were born all belonging to Dragiee. I DNA for dilute and only one came back as dd, that was Lyle. The other 4 girls two came back DD & two Dd. Lyle is now grown up and was bred two times, first to Lotti a blue/dilute carry chocolate and got 3 blue & 2 lilac but could not be DNA because Mom was blue. The second time was to chocolate carry blue, I got 8 pups, 4 lilac & DNA dd and 4 chocolate carry blue. 


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