Blue French Bulldog Puppies -Chocolate French Bulldog Puppies

Blu-Choc Blue Belle

dd Carry Chocolate ay/ay kbr/ky

Sire Yogi Bear Chocolate Pied Carry Blue

Dam Ebony Standard Carry Chocolate & blue

*ATTN*: Blue Belle was bred to Rusty Dd Bb ay/at

Expecting all colors & could see tan pups 

Blu-Choc Cocoa Pebbles

Chocolate Dd ay/ay kbr/ky

Sire Dragiee Chocolate Pied Carry blue

Dam Indigo Standard Carry Blue & Chocolate

*ATTN*: Pebbles was bred to Silver Bullet- expecting all colors

Lilac Frenchies Purple Iris

dd and chocolate ay/a kbr/ky

Sire Lilac Lyle dd bb ay/ay ky/ky s/s Em/E

Dam Black Beauty Dd Bb at/a kbr Em/E

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